BEHIND THE SCENES OF#nzsecretsanta

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure #nzsecretsanta runs smoothly. Our Secret Santa elves love working on Secret Santa and so we thought we’d share a little bit about the process with you.

How Secret Santa works –
behind the scenes

Scanning parcel

1 Parcel arrives, we scan it

The Secret Santa Storehouse

2 Parcel status changes

Printing a label

3 We print a new label

The Storehouse shelves

4 We shelve it

The Secret Santa Storehouse

5 Dispatch day

It's time for us to start sending out the Secret Santa gifts.

Secret Santa Elves

6 We start scanning all the gifts for dispatch

A group of our best elves chip in to start scanning all the parcels. Their journey from the warehouse has begun!

Elves with parcels

7 Filter out the bad Santas

Sorting parcels into locations

8 Sort the parcels into destinations

Delivery truck

9 On the truck for delivery