We are done for 2015

Thanks to those who played.

We hope to run this again in 2016

Key dates 2015

  • 10 Nov

    Registrations open

  • 24 Nov

    Registrations close

  • 25 Nov

    Find out who you are Secret Santa for

  • 04 Dec

    Send gift by this date

  • 15 Dec

    Your gift is on its way!

If you want reminders, be sure to follow @nzsecretsanta

How to play

  1. Follow @nzsecretsanta

    Use #nzsecretsanta to tweet and @nzsecretsanta to talk to the elves.

  2. Register

    Link your Twitter account to a New Zealand Post online account. It's easy-peasy, just follow the instructions.

  3. Get your Twitter-Sleuth on

    Work out what your giftee likes and then get creative; find/make/buy them an awesome gift for about $10.

  4. Send your gift as soon as

    Our elves are waiting...

  5. Wait excitedly for your gift to arrive

    Our elves will be busy sorting and sending out all the gifts.

  6. Tweet a photo of the gift you receive

    Use #nzsecretsanta to share the joy.

New to #nzsecretsanta and want to know more? (opens in a new window)

About @nzsecretsanta

"Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift." — Wikipedia

Started by @websam

In 2010 @websam created Secret Santa for the Twitter folk of New Zealand. By 2012 it grew larger than his giant pumpkins and Sam needed help. He put a call out to the Twitter community.

Some New Zealand Post folk responded

Now we have a Santa Storehouse so that you don’t have to hand out your physical address, and an elf service that stores the gifts, and will only send out gifts to those Secret Santas who have actually sent a gift!