We are done for 2013

Thanks to those who played.

We hope to run this again in 2014

How to play

  1. Twitter stalk and buy gift

    Work out what your Secret Santa person likes and then get creative; find/make/buy them an awesome gift for about $10

  2. Send your gift as soon as

    Our elves are waiting...

  3. Wait for your gift to arrive

    Our elves will be busy sorting and sending out all the gifts.

  4. Tweet about the gift you receive

    Use #nzsecretsanta and post a photo!

Key dates 2013

  • 11 Dec

    Send gift by this date - Why?

  • 19 Dec

    Start watching out for your gift, any day now

If you want reminders, be sure to follow @nzsecretsanta

What changed in 2013

On registration, link Twitter to a New Zealand Post online account.

It's easy-peasy to link, just follow the registration instructions.

Twitter username as address

Now you don't need to give out your physical address. By linking your Twitter account to a New Zealand Post online account, parcels can be sent to your Twitter username, care of the elves at New Zealand Post.

No gift for Santa-no-shows!

If a Santa doesn't play the game, they won't receive a gift. When you link your Twitter account to a New Zealand Post online account this will help our elves to determine who has sent a gift and who has not.

You can revoke Twitter access to your New Zealand Post online account at any time from the Apps tab of your Settings page in Twitter.

Why send gifts by 11th December?

We strongly recommend you send your gift off to the Santa storehouse by 11th December as our elves need time to sort it all out. The cut off date for *receiving* gifts at the Santa Storehouse is 16th December at 8.45am.

  1. 11 Dec - Sent by you to twitter address
  2. 16 Dec - Received and sorted by the elves
  3. 18 Dec - Sent out by the elves to actual address
  4. 19 Dec - Start watching out for your gift, any day now...

If you miss the deadline, the gift that was destined for you will be sent to The Wellington City Mission charity instead.

About @nzsecretsanta

"Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift." — Wikipedia

Started by @websam

In 2010 @websam created Secret Santa for the Twitter folk of New Zealand. By 2012 it grew larger than his giant pumpkins and Sam needed help. He put a call out to the Twitter community.

Some New Zealand Post folk responded

We wondered if we could change it a little by introducing a Santa Storehouse so that you don’t have to hand out your physical address. And we’ve come up with an elf service that stores the gifts, and only sends out gifts to those Secret Santas who have actually sent a gift!